In the INSERT INTO above, we begin by telling Postgres to add rows to "tbl_data". Next, we are determining which columns (column_1 and column_2) we want to fill with the two respective VALUES returned by the nested SELECT statement that follows and is encapsulated in parentheses. Finally, note that the nested select > pulls its data from. First create a table with some data: (A sample list of files and folders similar to the Windows Start menu) CREATE TABLE stmenu (. id int, Menuitem varchar2 (75), parentid int); Add Sample data.sql. Display the folder and parent ID (Walk up the tree showing all items): COLUMN id FORMAT 999. COLUMN Menuitem FORMAT a84. 2021. 12. 9. · To install DBeaver on MacOS, just drag-and-drop the DMG archive to ... such as Tables , Views , Columns , Indexes , etc. To open the view menu of Database Navigator, click the View Menu button ( ) in the upper-right corner of ... Opens the Create new connection wizard. See Create Connection for information about creating.

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